Dr. Bob Harveson

Bob Harveson
Plant Pathology

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  • B. A. 1983. Trinity University – History
  • B. S. 1985, Tarleton State University - Plant/Soil Science
  • M. S. 1989, Texas A&M University - Plant Pathology
  • Ph. D. 1999, University of Florida - Plant Pathology

Professional Responsibilities and Activities


    Develop and deliver statewide and regional educational publications and programs involving diseases of specialty crops - including sugar beets, dry beans, sunflowers, potatoes, chickpeas, dry peas, cowpeas, and other pulse crops, proso millet, chicory, fenugreek, bio-fuel crops like camelina and canola, and other newly emerging alternative crops.

    Fund, design, and conduct research projects that address the etiology, spread, and applied management of new and/or important diseases of specialty crops in the Panhandle of Nebraska, with an emphasis on sugar beet root rots, bacterial diseases of dry beans, and sunflower diseases.


Total Publications as of December 2022 - 885

Refereed Journal Articles – 85

Extension Articles - 154

Books - 2

Book Chapters – 63

Technical Articles – 122

Popular Articles – 380

Abstracts – 79

Recent Refereed Publications, 5-year (2018-2022)

1. Adhikari, A. D., Nielsen, K. A., Harveson, R. M., Graham, C., Beck, R., and Mathew, F. M. 2018. Bacterial blight of Lentil (Lens culinaris) is caused by Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae. Plant Health Progress 19: 54-55.

2. Harveson, R. M., Mathew, F. M, Gulya, T. J., Markell, S. G., Block, C. C., and Thompson, S. 2018. Sunflower Stalk Diseases Initiated through Leaf Infections. Plant Health Progress 19: 82-91.

3. Mathew, F., Harveson, R., Gulya, T., Markell, S., Block, C., and Thompson, S. 2018. Phomopsis Stem Canker of Sunflower. Plant Health Instructor. DOI: 10.1094/PHI-I-2018-1103-01.

4. Osdaghi, E., Taghavi, S. M., Calamai, S., Biancalani, C., Cerboneschi, M., Tegli, S., and Harveson, R. M. 2018. Phenotypic and Molecular-Phylogenetic Analysis Reveals Insight into Population Structure of Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens Phytopathology 108: 1154-1164.

5. Gulya, T. J., Harveson, R. M., Mathew, F. M., Block, C. C., Thompson, S., Kandel, H., Berglund, D., Sandbakken, J., Kleingartner, L., and Markell, S. G. 2019. Comprehensive Disease Survey of U.S. Sunflower: Disease Trends, Research Priorities and Unanticipated Impacts. Plant Disease 102: 601-618.

6. Harveson, R. M. 2019. Managing Dry Bean Bacterial Diseases in Nebraska with New Copper-Alternative Chemicals. Plant Health Progress 20: 14-19.

7. Darapuneni, M., Hergert, G. W., Bradshaw, J. D., Wilson, R. G., Aqueel, A., Harveson, R. M., and Nielsen, R. 2020. Agronomic utilization of precipitated calcium carbonate- effect of PCC on sugar beet root aphid control and herbicide dose response of kochia grown on PCC Piles. Agronomy 10, article number 537.

8. Das, S., Plyler-Harveson, T., Santra, D. K., Harveson, R. M, Nielsen, K. A. 2020. A longitudinal study on morpho-genetic diversity of pathogenic Rhizoctonia solani from sugar beet and dry beans of western Nebraska. BMC Microbiology 20:354. https ://doi.org/10.1186/s12866-020-02026-9.

9. Elverson, T. R., Kontz, B. J., Markell, S. G., Harveson, R. M., and Mathew, F. M. 2020.

Quantitative polymerase chain reaction assays developed for Diaporthe helianthi and D. gulyae for Phomopsis stem canker diagnosis and germplasm screening in sunflower (Helianthus annuus). Plant Disease 104: 793-800.

10. Mathew, F., Harveson, R., Block, C., Gulya, T., Ryley, M., Thompson, S., and Markell, S. 2020. Sclerotinia sclerotiorum diseases of sunflower. Plant Health Instructor. (DOI: 10.1094/PHI-I-2020-1201-01.

11. Osdaghi, E., Young A. J., and Harveson, R. M. 2020. Bacterial wilt of dry beans caused by Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens pv. flaccumfaciens: A new threat from an old enemy. Molecular Plant Pathology 21: 605-621. https ://doi.org/10.1111/mpp.12926

12. Beiermann, C. W., Creech, C. F., Knezevic, S. Z., Jhala, A. J., Harveson, R. M., Lawrence, N. C. 2021. Response of Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri S. Watson) and sugar beet to desmedipham and phenmedipham. Weed Technol. 35: 440–448. [F]

13. Ryley, M., Gulya, T. J., Mathew, F.,Thompson, S., Block, C., Markell, S. G., and Harveson, R. M. 2021. Sunflower Wilt Diseases: Charcoal Rot, Phialophora Yellows, and Verticillium Wilt. Plant Health Progress 22: 75-85. [IFEAW]

14. Harveson, R. M. 2021. Rhizomania of Sugar Beet. Plant Health Instructor: https://doi.org/10.1094/PHI-P-2021-1129. [IFEAW]

15. Beiermann, C., Miranda J.W.A., Creech, C., Knezevic, S., Jhala, A., Harveson, R., Lawrence, NC. 2022. Critical Timing of Weed Removal in Dry Bean as Influenced by the Use of Preemergence Herbicides. Weed Technol. 36(1):168-176. [F]

16. Beiermann, C., Creech, C., Knezevic, S., Jhala, A., Harveson, R., Lawrence, NC. 2022. Influence of planting date and herbicide program on Amaranthus palmeri control in dry bean. Weed Technol. 36(1):79-85.

17. Beiermann, C., Creech, C., Knezevic, S., Jhala, A., Harveson, R., Lawrence, NC. 2022. Control of acetolactate synthase (ALS) resistant Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) in dry edible bean. Weed Technol. doi: 10.1017/wet.2022.76 [F]

18. Berghuis, B., Martinez, A. L., Thompson, S., Mathew, F., Block, C., Gulya, T., Ryley, M., Harveson, R., and Markell, S. 2022. Sunflower Rust (Puccinia helianthi). Plant Health Instructor: In press

19. Dangal, N. K., Rekabdarkolaee, H. M., Markell, S. G., Harveson, R. M., and Mathew, F. M. 2022. Foliar fungicides containing FRAC 11 mitigates Phomopsis stem canker in sunflower (Helianthus annuus). Plant Dis. https://doi.org/10.1094/PDIS-03-22-0516-RE

20. Granica, V. C., Jhala A. J., Harveson, R. M., Giesler, L., J. 2022. Impact assessment of residual soil-applied pre-emergence herbicides on the incidence of soybean seedling diseases under field conditions. Crop Protection 158: August 2022, 105987.

21. Harveson, R. M., Al Rwahnih, M., Tian T., Karasev, A., Gulya, T. J., and Bradshaw, J. D. 2022. The Quest to Identify a New Virus of Sunflower from Nebraska. Plant Disease 106: 2773-2783.

22. Kashyap, R., Markell, S. G., Harveson, R. M., Rekabdarkolaee, H. M., and Mathew, F. M. 2022. Application of pyraclostrobin fungicides at miniature floral head development growth stage is efficacious against Phomopsis stem canker fungi in sunflower (Helianthus annuus). Plant Health Prog. https://doi.org/10.1094/PHP-06-22-0059-RS

23. Osdaghi, E., Robertson, A. E. Jackson-Ziems, T. A., Abachi, A., Li, X., and Harveson, R. M. 2022. Clavibacter nebraskensis causing Goss's wilt of maize: five decades of detaining the enemy in the new world. Molecular Plant Pathology 23:1–18. https://DOI: 10.1111/mpp.13268

24. Lang, W., Oboamah, J., Qiao, X., Ge, Y., Harveson, R., Rudnick, D., Wang, J., Yang, H., and Gradiz, A. 2022. CanopyCAM – an edge-computing sensing unit for continuous measurement of canopy cover percentage of dry edible beans. Computers and Electronics in Agric. 204.

Awards and Honors

  • Became a Fellow of the American Phytopathological Society (APS) (2022)
  • Received Marquis Who’s Who in America Lifetime Achievement Award (2020)

  • Received Distinguished Service Award from the NC Division of the American Phytopathological Society in 2019 

  • Scottsbluff plant pathology research and extension program was profiled with individual  pages for three European journals dedicated to disseminating information on science, research, and technology.  1) International Innovation, (2014) Issue 164: 96-98; 2) Pan- European Networks, (2015) 14: 207; 3) Adjacent Government, (2015) May: 188-189.
  • Selected to Strathmore’s Who’s Who (2010), Madison’s Who’s Who (2009), Continental Who’s Who (2009), IBC’s International Scientist of the Year (2009), IBC’s Leading Scientists of the World (2009), Marquis’ Who’s Who in America (2008), and IBC’s 2,000 Outstanding Scientists (2008)
  • Elected to Bridgeport (TX) High School’s “Wall of Fame” (2004)
  • Winner of UNL Ag Research Division’s Junior Faculty Excellence in Research Award (2003)
  •  Named to AcademicKeys Who’s Who in Agriculture Higher Education (2003)


  • Author of monthly plant pathology historical stories for APS newsletter Phytopathology News, The Rest of the Story (2016-?)
  • Author of: A Century of Plant Pathology in Nebraska, a new book on the history of agriculture and plant pathology in Nebraska (2020)
  • Lead editor and author/co-author for chapters in APS Disease Compendium and Pests: Beet (2009); Sunflower (2016); Pea (2020); Bean (TBA); author of bacterial wilt chapter in Soybean (2015)
  • Author/Co-author for book chapters in: Central High Plains Sugar Beet Pest Mgmt. Guide (2013); Fungicides for Field Crops (2013); Central High Plains Dry Bean Pest Mgmt. Guide (2015); Sunflower: Chemistry, Production, Processing and Utilization (2015); Ha
  • Senior Editor of Plant Health Instructor (2016-2021)
  • Senior Editor of APS Press (2013-2018)
  • Author of: Bacterium of Many Colors, a plant pathology book for APS Press (2015)
  • Senior Editor of Plant Disease (2010-2012)
  • Associate Editor of Plant Disease (2008-2009)
  • Chair of Review Panel for ARS sugar beet germplasm and breeding programs (2013)
  • Reviewer on Panel for USDA-ARS germplasm and breeding programs (sugar beets-2007, 2009, 2013 and 2017); (sunflowers-2017); (dry beans-2018)

Professional Interests

  • Diseases of specialty crops

Professional Society Memberships

  • American Phytopathological Society (APS)
  • Mycological Society of America
  • American Association of Sugar Beet Technologists (ASSBT)
  • Gamma Sigma Delta
  • Sigma Xi