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Associate Center Director | Associate Professor | Range Management Specialist
Associate Center Director

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Dr. Mitch Stephenson is an Associate Professor and Range Management Specialist with the University of Nebraska - Lincoln stationed at the Panhandle Research, Extension, and Education Center in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. His research is focused on understanding how grazing management decisions influence livestock production, grazing behavior, plant communities, and soil health in the central and western Great Plains. Current research includes studies evaluating the grazing distribution and behavior of beef cows on Sandhills rangelands, timing and intensity of grazing on sandhill subirrigated meadow systems, plant community variability in the NE Sandhills, use of virtual fencing and other precision livestock management tools for defined objectives, targeted grazing and other management of cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum), drought management response, and patch-burn grazing in the Nebraska Sandhills.



Professional Responsibilities and Activities

  • Professional Affiliations:

    • Society for Range Management;
    - Member; 2009 - present
    - Nominations Committee; 2017-2019
    - Awards Committee; 2020 - 2022
    - Livestock Foraging Behavior Committee; 2018 - present
    - Rangelands Steering Committee; 2022 - present
    - Nebraska Section Council Member; 2015 - present
    - Targeted Grazing Committee; 2015 - present
    • Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition;
    - Advisory Board Member; 2015 - present
    • Multistate Research Groups
    - NC1181, "Enhancing resiliency of bee production under shifting forage resources"
    - W3012, "Enhancing management, production, and sustainability of grazing ruminants in extensive landscapes"
    - The Rangeland Partnership


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Extension Publications

  • Stephenson, M., J. Volesky, W. Schacht. 2019. Grazing management with variable precipitation and plant production in the Nebraska Sandhills. University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Circular EC3039. 8 p.
  • Dunn, C., J. Stubbendieck, and M. B. Stephenson. 2017. Common forbs and shrubs in Nebraska (updated revision). University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Publication. EC1180. 260 p.
  • Dunn, C., J. Stubbendieck, and M. B. Stephenson. 2016. Common grasses of Nebraska (updated revision). University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Circular EC170. 178 p.
  •  Schacht, W. H., J. D. Volesky, D. E. Bauer, and M. B. Stephenson. 2011. Grazing systems for the Nebraska Sandhills. University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Publication. EC127. 14 p.

Proceedings Papers

  • Brennan, J. and M. B. Stephenson. 2021. Use of GPS technology to better understand livestock behavior. Proceedings of the 27th Range Beef Cow Symposium, Rapid City SD.
  • Stephenson, M. B. 2021. Utilizing technology to better understand rangeland and cattle grazing dynamics. Proceedings of the 26th Range Beef Cow Symposium, Mitchell NE.
  • Bohnert, D. W., and M. B. Stephenson. 2016. Supplementation and sustainable grazing systems. Proceedings of the 5th Grazing Livestock Nutrition Conference, Park City UT.
  • Stephenson, M. B., 2015. Influencing livestock grazing distribution. Proceedings of the 2015 Nebraska Grazing Conference. 98-104 p.

Awards and Honors

  • 2018 Outstanding Young Range Professional Award. International Society for Range Management.
  • 2017 Nebraska Range & Conservation Endowment Grant Recipient. Nebraska Cattlemen Research & Education Foundation.
  • 2017 Innovative New Employee Extension Award. UNL Extension Fall Conference.
  • 2017 ASA Extension Education Community Educational Material. Winner of the Websites, Blogs, and Social Media Category. UNL Range & Forage working group’s agronomy.unl.edu/range-pasture-forages website


Panhandle Research, Extension, & Education Center
4502 Ave I
Scottsbluff, NE 69361


40% Extension, 40% Research, 20% Administration

Professional Interests

  • Range and Forage Management

Professional Society Memberships

  • Society for Range Management
  • https://agronomy.unl.edu/range-pasture-forages